OMERI – Day Dream’n

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OMERI - Day Dream'n

Day Dream’n

Upstate New Yorker serves up a soulful debut of a dewy-eyed sort yet stays on the right side of sentimentality.

One could assume they don’t make the likes of Barry White anymore, but Buffalo’s Omeri Monroe is a living proof that sheer emotionality still has a place in modern rhythm-and-blues. The singer’s first EP finds him in an upbeat mood, easily, with only an occasional mannerism, moving from an acoustic environment of the title track to the mellifluous “Genuine Love” and marrying old-school performance values to a present-day production sheen.

Surprisingly, the infectious “If I Could Read Your Mind” is a rock number showing there’s more to the artist than the ear meets in the funk of “I Guess I’ll Be Waiting” where Omeri’s sunny vocals unfold into a multitude of voices for a chorus. It wouldn’t be a surprise, though, to see “One Night” dressed up in orchestral garb one day, because this guy has all the makings of a major-league player. Sooner, rather than later, his day dream’n should become reality


May 11, 2017

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