OSIBISA Come Back With A New Album

It’s been more than a decade since the mighty OSIBISA released fresh music. This ensemble have a special place in the heart of every music aficionado, because they used to venture beyond Afro-rock and grace the prog pastures as well, to an extent where Roger Dean designed an arresting array of album covers for the band. Still, the trademark flying elephant won’t be featured on “New Dawn” – a futuristic record scheduled for release on March 5th, 2021 and showcased last September in London. Driven now by two original members, saxophonist Teddy Osei and keyboard player Robert Bailey, and veteran guitarist/bassist Gregg Kofi Brown, the new line-up boasts – for the first time ever – female artists, with guests including such luminaries as Gus Isidore and Richard Bailey.

One of the most incendiary collectives on the scene – this scribe saw OSIBISA reprise their spot on URIAH HEEP‘s “Look At Yourself” back in 2004 – it’s good to see the legends get a new lease of life. As for the album, it will look like this (read the review):

New Dawn

1. Kpanlogo Chant (Are You Ready)
2. Adjuwa Aye (Go With The Flow)
3. Douala
4. Paper Dey Burn
5. No Fit 4 Street
6. Yen Kita Yen Sa
7. O Brunye
8. Yo Luv Is Betta
9. Lift Your Head Up
10. Ata Y Che
11. Dark Matter
12. Wake Up
13. Boni Wo Yu A
14. Big Problems

November 27, 2020

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