Overend Watts’ Posthumous Album Up For Release

It’s been five months since Pete Overend Watts, the soul of MOTT THE HOOPLE, passed away, and it’s now that the title of his only solo begins to make sense. “He’s Real Gone” – scheduled for September 1st release – was to be titled “She’s Real Gone” but, knowing it would see the light of day posthumously, the legendary bassist twisted the record’s opener tag into something more humorously poignant. Overend produced it and played all of the instruments himself, with THE STIFFS’ Phil Hendriks, Pete’s old friend, providing additional guitar and backing vocals.

The album features a baker’s dozen new cuts – although it’d been years in the making and finished in 2016 – and is capped with the demo of “Born Late ’58” that, in full form, appeared on Watts’ band’s swansong “The Hoople” back in the day. (Read the review.)

OVEREND WATTS - He's Real Gone

He’s Real Gone

1. She’s Real Gone
2. The Dinosaw Market
3. Caribbean Hate Song
4. He’d Be A Diamond
5. The Legend Of Redmire Pool
6. Prawn Fire On Uncle Sheep Funnel
7. Belle Of The Boot
8. There’s Berkeley Power Station
9. The Magic Garden
10. Endless Night
11. Rise Up
12. The Search
13. Miss Kingston
14. Born Late ’58 (original demo)

June 22, 2017

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