Paco And Pepe de Lucía’s Childhood Recordings To Be Made Public

It was an album that sent shock waves through guitar world back in 1981, influencing hordes of string-benders who knew Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin but first heard about their collaborator Paco de Lucía only after “Friday Night In San Francisco” was out – or at least not before he formed trio with Mahavishnu John and Larry Coryell two years earlier. By then, the flamenco master had become a music idol in his native Spain, performing solo and with various vocalists, including his older brother Pepe de Lucía – but nobody expected the siblings’ childhood tapes to emerge just recently and be issued to mark the tenth anniversary of the legendary musician’s passing.

What will get released on May 31st is titled “Pepito y Paquito” and comprised of 21 pieces which a family friend preserved for posterity on portable recorder in 1959, when Pepe was 13 and Paco 11 and the brothers still were known under their real surname Sánchez Gómez. The two would be signed to a local label in 1961, but these cuts – vanished in 1967 to resurface not so long ago – precede their official vinyl debut. Restored now, the tracks on offer – seeing the light of day on CD, 2LP and as a deluxe bookpack with both formats in it – provide a unique glimpse into the de Lucías’ roots.

Pepito y Paquito

1. Me Falta La Resistencia – Tangos De La Pirula De Málaga
2. Al Pilarico Por Agua – Bulerías Por Soleá
3. Romance De Juan Osuna – Seguiriyas Tientos
4. Aunque Pongan En Tu Puerta – Alegrías
5. Se Comerá Mi Dolor – Soleares
6. La Corales – Cuplé por Bulerías
7. Que Viene El Coco – Rumba
8. Bulerías Niño Ricardo – Solo de Guitarra
9. De Alfombra De Rosas – Liviana
10. Con Su Rebaño – Serrana
11. Que El Viento Se La Llevó – Polo
12. Voy A Tener Que Dejarte – Fandangos Naturales
13. Escucha Lo Que Te Digo – Bulerías
14. Con Una Rosa En El Pico – Fandango Santa Eulalia
15. Las Estrellitas Del Cielo – Villancico Por Bulerías
16. Zapateado Niño Ricardo – Solo De Guitarra
17. Entre Compás Y Desplantes – Soleares De Cádiz
18. Amante De Abril Y Mayo – Cuplé Por Bulerías
19. Lo Que Pasó En Veracruz – Soleares De Triana/Apolás
20. Caminito De Alcalá – Bulerías
21. Soleá Niño Ricardo – Solo De Guitarra

April 26, 2024

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