Youth And Penny Rimbaud Host Eve Libertine On New Album

November 17, 2021

It’s been decade since former KILLING JOKE bassist Youth and ex-CRASS drummer Penny Rimbaud first set to work on a joint project that would result in an album titled “Corpus Mei” – but not before its songs were remixed in 2019 and prepared for the November 19th release now. And if that didn’t correspond to the British punk veterans’ anarchic spirit, the record’s creation did. During 2011, when all of the tracks got laid down, Penny would find a poem in his backlog which fit one of Youth’s soundscapes, and they’d record vocals for all the first takes to make the final cut.

Corpus Mei

But one of the platter’s pieces features a different voice, as “I Too” has another CRASS alumnus, Eve Libertine, at the front, with the number’s overdubs including cello and violin to elevate the ensemble’s performance. Watch the video below – and here’s the album’s full tracklisting:

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
2. Mammon’s Minions
3. We The Mountain We The Sea
4. And If I Lust
5. I Too
6. Incantations Of Intimacy
7. You Stare
8. You Brave Old Land
9. Shadows
10. Bread & Wine

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Dion Gets His Guests Onboard Again

November 15, 2021

My Stomping Ground

Last year saw the great Dion issue one of the most interesting albums in his seven-decade-long career but, it turns, out “Blues With Friends” wasn’t to be Mr. DiMucci’s only new record where he has a plethora of prominent guest players helping him deliver fresh material and a Hendrix classic. Some of these artists, such as Billy Gibbons, Bruce Spiringsteen and Joe Bonamassa, return to take part in “My Stomping Ground” that will hit the shelves on November 19th. This time, the veteran’s companions include Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler, so the ante is upped high enough to make it all alluring.

1. Take It Back – with Joe Bonamassa
2. Hey Diddle Diddle – with G.E. Smith
3. Dancing Girl – with Mark Knopfler
4. If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll – with Eric Clapton
5. There Was A Time – with Peter Frampton
6. Cryin’ Shame – with Sonny Landreth
7. The Night Is Young – with Joe Menza and Wayne Hood
8. That’s What The Doctor Said – with Steve Conn
9. My Stomping Ground – with Billy F Gibbons
10. Angel In The Alleyways – with Patti Scialfa and Bruce Springsteen
11. I’ve Got To Get To You – with Boz Scaggs, Joe Menza and Mike Menza
12. Red House – with Keb’ Mo’
13. I Got My Eyes On You Baby – with Marcia Ball and Jimmy Vivino
14. I’ve Been Watching – with Rickie Lee Jones and Wayne Hood

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BRAND X Announce Permanent Disbanding

November 14, 2021

It may not have been expected by some but it was the right decision: in the light of John Goodsall’s recent passing, Percy Jones and Robin Lumley – his colleagues and fellow founding members of BRAND X, the pioneering British jazz-rock bands – announced today that the ensemble’s name is permanently retired. The announcement must address and prevent potential attempts to hijack the group’s leadership and identity and show the veterans’ – the former being out of the line-up since 1980 and the latter since October 2020 – united front that seemed to be crumbling in the past year.

“We, the creative core of Brand X, have the legitimacy to speak on our own behalf and on behalf of our beloved band because its soul is with us, just as it remained with John. Who else could it be with?” write Lumley and Jones. “With John’s demise, Brand X can be no more, and must rest in peace. No one is entitled to say otherwise or to speak on our behalf, whether on stage or online, officially or otherwise.”

This team had a nice run for decades, delivering such classics as “Unorthodox Behaviour” and “Masques” in the ’70s and producing searing live albums lately, yet it’s time to admit the lost camaraderie couldn’t be restored and leaving the legend be legend is a correct course of action.

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Homage To Leslie West Is Up For Release

November 12, 2021

Other guitarists may rarely name Leslie West as their hero, but the Great Fatsby’s influence is immense, and there’s hardly a classic rocker whose ears weren’t pricked at one point or another by the steamroller sounds of “Mississippi Queen” or “Nantucket Sleighride” that have long become staples in many artists’ repertoire. Some of these, including such luminaries as Slash and Randy Bachman, as well as Joe Lynn Turner who sang on West’s records, are present on “Legacy: A Tribute To Leslie West”: a collection dedicated to the Woodstock veteran, who died in December 2020, and scheduled for March 22nd, 2022 release.

Understandably, most of them focused on MOUNTAIN classics, covering most of the band’s “Climbing!” LP, yet there’s a couple cuts that West had laid down with Jack Bruce and Corky Laing, and a track from his solo group’s set. Unfortunately, no one seems to have touched on the platters Leslie put out under his name. In any case, it must be interesting.

A Tribute To Leslie West

1. Blood Of The Sun (feat. Zakk Wylde)
2. Nantucket Sleighride (feat. Joe Lynn Turner & Marty Friedman)
3. Theme For An Imaginary Western
    (feat. Dee Snider, Eddie Ojeda, Rudy Sarzo,
    Mike Portnoy, Francesco Saglietti)

4. For Yasgur’s Farm (feat. Joe Lynn Turner & Martin Barre)
5. Why Dontcha (feat. Steve Morse & Ronnie Romero)
6. Sittin’ On A Rainbow (feat. Elliot Easton & Ronnie Romero)
7. Never In My Life (feat. Dee Snider & George Lynch)
8. The Doctor (feat. Robby Krieger & Ronnie Romero)
9. Silver Paper (feat. Charlie Starr)
10. Money (Whatcha Gonna Do) / By The River
    (feat. Bachman & Bachman)
11. Long Red (feat. Yngwie Malmsteen & Teddy Rondinelli)
12. Mississippi Queen (feat. Slash & Marc Labelle)

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John Goodsall Passed Away

November 11, 2021

The great John Goodsall died today, aged just 68, and one of the highly distinctive guitar sounds in the world drowned in silence. This artist had attitude, and that’s whence Goods’ tone came to fuel his licks first and foremost with BRAND X, although there were prominent stints with THE ALAN BOWN SET and ATOMIC ROOSTER, on whose "Nice 'n' Greasy" he played and contributed a piece titled “Goodbye Planet Earth” under the “Johnny Mandala” moniker.

Yet, of course, it was in the company of Percy Jones, Robin Lumley and Phil Collins that Goodsall found his spiritual home in 1975 and delivered such classics as “Nuclear Burn” before collaborating with a wide variety of musicians – including Bill Bruford and Michael Des Barres to name but a few from different walks of life – credited and uncredited as it happened when the guitarist recorded the famous solo on “Rebel Yell” for Billy Idol.

John’s six strings also directed the course of ZOO DRIVE and FIRE MERCHANTS in the ’80s and later on until the return of BRAND X in 1992 and another comeback in 2016. They toured actively in the recent years and put out live albums – all bearing Goodsall’s indelible stamp. He will be sorely missed by myriads of aficionados.

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