COLOSSEUM To Dig In Their German Memories

September 2, 2021

As the updated line-up of the legendary COLOSSEUM – with Nick Steed and Kim Nishikawara replacing Dave Greenslade, who retired from the band, and Barbara Thompson and GENTLE GIANT’s Malcolm Mortimore taking over the drums – are back on the road, in Germany, there could be no better time to prepare the release of “Live In Germany”: a double CD compilation of the veterans’ classic performances from 1969-1971 and a DVD of their appearances on the “Beat Club” TV show, plus three tracks from their 1969 concert in Vienna.

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Carmine Appice And Fernando Perdomo Go For Overload

August 31, 2021

They style their project as the clash of fire and ice, yet there’s a lot of coolness in Fernando Perdomo‘s guitar art and Carmine Appice‘s thunderous drumming. The two masters have been gravitating towards one another for some time now, exchanging ideas and taking them in the studio where they bounced it all off of one another, the instrumental results being simply called APPICE-PERDOMO PROJECT. Their first record, known as “Energy Overload” and scheduled for the September 24th release, lives up to its title – featuring mostly original cuts alongside two covers: Paul McCartney‘s “Maybe I’m Amazed” – a nice continuation of the recent Fern-helmed "Ram On" tribute to the Beatle’s album – and “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” which Carmine co-wrote with Rod Stewart.

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New PFM Album To Feature Steve Hackett And Ian Anderson

August 27, 2021

Five decades since their inception, PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI remain most famous Italian rock import, and the erstwhile chocolate kings still don’t seem willing to stop. Driven by the sole original member, singing drummer Franz Di Cioccio, and bassist Patrick Djivas who joined the line-up back in 1974, PFM are ready to present another theatrical record to their audience on October 22nd – a sci-fi-themed concept album titled “I Dreamed Of Electric Sheep” that the two veterans started working on in their home studios before bringing it all together and fleshing out not only with instruments by their regular colleagues, but also the two British luminaries: Ian Anderson and Steve Hackett.

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THE BEATLES’ “Let It Be” Set For Reissue

August 25, 2021

Overdue for a year now, THE BEATLES‘ final album is finally set for a reissue now, in a variety of formats, on October 15th, shortly before Peter Jackson’s documentary on its genesis will see the light of day. It could have been a massive box set in a super deluxe edition, given dozen of hours of rehearsals and sessions logged by the band, preserved for posterity by rolling cameras and available for years on bootlegs – only the team behind the new release decided to keep things short and sweet. Included in the box set are a fresh mix of the classic LP, two discs of the ensemble working and having fun in the studio – Apple, not Twickenham where the movie was shot – and a Glyn Johns-produced “Get Back” that would become “Let It Be” after Phil Spector got involved (although it’s not known at the moment which mix of “Get Back” it’s going to be, as there were two: from 1969 and 1970) – as well as a rather pointless EP and a Blu-ray with surround and other mixes of the LP.

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Iain Matthews And BJ Baartmans Uncover CONSPIRACY

August 15, 2021

Iain Matthews never was a lazy artist, his long discography a testament to the veteran’s prolificacy, yet while his peers have slowed down lately, this singer doesn’t mind a little surge in creative flow. If 2020 saw the release of MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT’s "The New Mine" and early 2021 the issue of "Fake Tan" – Iain’s collaboration with THE SALMON SMOKERS, the upcoming September is when the debut album by his new band, THE MATTHEWS BAARTMANS CONSPIRACY will hit the shelves.

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