PALACE OF THE KING – Friends In Low Places

Reckless 2023

Friends In Low Places

Irreverent bunch from Melbourne deliver a dirty diatribe against those on the bottom of life.

It’s been five long years since the Northern hemisphere last heard from these Aussie rock ‘n’ rollers, their last call being a limited-edition vinyl-only issue, yet “Friends In Low Places” is bound to redress the balance in favor of worldwide audience. As far as the single’s very title – eloquently tongue-in-cheek and evoking a classic basement-blues vibe – goes, there’s no seeking public’s attention, that’s guaranteed anyway, even before the first riffs of their 2023 infectious cut shatter the silence to bits and tasty licks fill the void, but once the sonic assault and Tim Henwood’s vocals become frontal, there’s no going back either.

Heavy, if easy on the ear, this song’s tune is irresistible and its arrangement tightly-knit and breathtaking and not just because Cameron McGlinchey’s drums and Anthony Licciardi Garcia’s bass lay a frantic groove while Sean Johnston’s serrated guitars rage ‘n’ rave; here’s a sentiment in it that every listener can relate to and help the band with handclapping – the feeling of sharing the experience of getting down on one’s luck without getting lonesome. Not anthemic in any way, “Friends In Low Places” comes across as a fine slab of fun, dirty and delicious, ready to hit you and turn into a hit.


June 4, 2023

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