PARZIVAL Return From The Past

They were one of those troupes who belong to their era while being timeless – they were PARZIVAL, a German ensemble who masterfully married medieval folk to rock and, as befitted classically trained players, made this blend progressive. Yet, having started in 1969, the Bremen band run their course in a few years, after only two platters: 1969’s “Legend” and “Barock” from 1973… to come back now, almost five decades later. More so, now the old trio return in the company of 130 musicians from 23 countries, presenting 23 fresh pieces that the double album titled “David – The Hymn” is comprised of, and proposing a critical view of our times and our current crises.

Out on October 29th, the record’s going to look like this:

David – The Hymn

CD 1:
1. Ouverture / Prolog
2. Old Love
3. Party Bird
4. Cash Castle
5. Never
6. He’s The One
7. When The Night Comes
8. Keep Your Eyes On Us (Avalokiteshvara)
9. Man In The Tower
10. Wind Blows

CD 2:
1. Incantation (Give Us Rain)
2. Monsoon
3. Rain Dance0
4. Emayove
5. Juanita
6. Liqueur Talk
7. Wind Blows (Reprise)
8. Salvation (The Answer Lies Within)
9. All My Love
10. Break Of Dawn
11. Mighty Mouse
12. Rise Up!
13. Future Cities

October 22, 2021

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