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PATRICK DECOSTE -  Show Me The Way To Go

Show Me The Way To Go

Welcome to the Boston tea party – out of the water and into the fire.

With many an accolade piled on him, Patrick DeCoste has managed to retain a “guitarists’ guitarist” status so far, but looks like his low-profile days are bound to end soon. This dozen of instrumental pieces may be unbalanced in revealing different facets of the Bostonian’s talent, from heavy to lightweight, and the album’s title holds a shade of hesitation – the exquisite title track wobbles vibrantly – yet slowly but surely the music’s beauty breaks the hard veneer.

The crust of cuts such as “Perfect People” where DeCoste explores the usual pits of jazz-metal shredding, is quite cold until more sensitive, fusion dynamics come to the surface, and once Patrick straps on his acoustic in the bodhran-abetted “Slan Abhaile” and the translucent fusion of “The Throwback”, the demo feel evaporates for good. Still, roughness serves the muscular rock ‘n’ roll of “Marvin Berry’s Cousin” and bluesy funk of “The Dirty South” well, their barely tames energy contrasting the gentle lava lace in “Saudade”. The most immaculate combination of all the strands comes with “Mark Twain”, and that’s exactly the way to go for the master.


April 28, 2013

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