Patrick Moraz Maps Out New Collaboration

Patrick Moraz is no stranger to a small band. Most known for his stints with YES and THE MOODY BLUES, he was also a part of a three-piece REFUGEE and worked in a duo with Bill Bruford; the more interesting it will be here to hear the Swiss keyboard maestro return to the latter format. Patrick’s back into it with MAP, and that’s not another “Story Of I” concept with a geographical slant, but an acronym, as the new band’s line-up comprises, besides Moraz, drummer Greg Alban, with “P” standing for “Project.” Initiated by Alban, now there’s a full album out, yet the two players’ delivery is augmented on it by additional musicians including famous percussionist Lenny Castro. Must be the fusion of highest order.



The full list of instrumentals is:

1. Jungle Aliens
2. Strictly Organic
3. Canyon Afternoon
4. Jazz In The Night
5. The Drums Also Solo
6. The Real Feel
7. Alien Intelligence
8. Mumbai-Mantra
9. Alien Species

July 14, 2015

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