PATSY THOMPSON – I Think About You

Patsy Thompson 2019

I Think About You

Yuletide offering from Americana’s new heroine whose move from Vancouver to Austin make her cherish the season even more.

Hectic as it is, Christmas is also a time of reflection, especially if one’s dearest aren’t too near, and that’s what made this artist single out “I Think About You” from her latest album, “Fabulous Day” – which may suggest every day can be special – because in Patsy Thompson’s case distance does play a significant role, given she’s a Canadian-born Texan.

Suitably camp, from the minute her velvet vibrato is ushered in by the weave of vehement violin and vaudevillian piano, the song feels as snug and sprightly as a Yuletide delight should be, Chris Rolin’s guitar twang providing the piece’s romp with a spring (the jive, not the season, of course) in its step, and Patsy’s smile lighting every lyric she’s delivering. But there’s a B-side – a real one, because the cut’s out on both CD and vinyl – called “Dreamin'” to let Thompson’s voice, wrapped in pedal steel, channel the bittersweet sensation that’s bound to accompany occasional lonesome moment, the holiday’s other aspect.

Far from your typical Christmas fodder, this single must indeed become a keeper.


December 8, 2019

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