Paul Brett And Gordon Giltrap Join Forces For A Vintage Sound

Those who love to savor exquisite guitar lace will be familiar with the names of Gordon Giltrap and Paul Brett, two legends of British rock well-known for their electric flurries yet famous for acoustic sound – the former delivering it on 6-string and the latter on 12-string instruments. Longtime friends, both veterans are also endorsees of the VintageĀ® brand for which they designed series of signature guitars. One of them, titled “The Raven” after Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, Paul and Gordon demonstrate on “Raven Reflections”: their joint album where these artists recorded anew a few of their pieces, including selections from Giltrap’s "The Last Of England" and Brett’s "The Raven" and a couple of fresh numbers.

Subtitled “A Vintage Guitar Presentation” and distributed on CD strictly among the VintageĀ® dealers, the album is still to be released for the masses as a digital download by Cherry Red. An alluring prospect – read the review.

Raven Reflections

1. The Kissing Gate
2. Spring
3. Shining Morn
4. The Raven
5. Loren
6. The Blues
7. Down The River
8. The Pit And The Pendulum
9. Diadem
10. Study To be Quiet
11. Pofacetilly
12. The Fox’s Prophecy

July 11, 2021

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