Paul Di’Anno Lets His WARHORSE Loose To Cover DEPECHE MODE

If there’s ever been an original link between punk attitude and heavy metal stance, it’s Interview with PAUL DiANNO, the singer on the first IRON MAIDEN longplays and a man behind quite a few riff-grinding projects over the subsequent decades. DI’ANNO and GOGMAGOG, BATTLEZONE and KILLERS, NOMAD and ROCKFELLAS: some of these left recorded legacy, others didn’t, but the veteran’s new enterprise are ready to present their studio debut before taking to the road. Named PAUL DI’ANNO’s WARHORSE (not to be confused with Nick Simper‘s erstwhile ensemble), the band’s eponymous album will see the light of day on July 19th.

The collective was founded in December 2021 as a result of Paul meeting Zagreb guitarist Hrvoje Madiraca and involving another six-stringer, Ante Pupačić Pupi, in the creative process. Laid down in 2022 and 2023 in Croatia and the UK, “Warhorse” got preceded by the recently issued “Stop The War” EP which fans loved, yet the full-length offering should be even more interesting, as it features no less than two very much unexpected cover cuts among its ten tracks: “Precious” by DEPECHE MODE and “Tequila” from THE CHAMPS’ repertoire, the latter a surf smash and, thus, a teasing inclusion for a vocalist’s platter. Funny as usual, then.


1. Warhorse
2. Get Get Ready
3. Go
4. Stop The War
5. The Doubt Within
6. Here Comes The Night
7. Tequila
8. Forever Bound
9. Precious
10. Going Home

May 7, 2024

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