Paul Gurvitz Boards A Train

It’s been some time since Paul Gurvitz released a new record, but the recent years saw the veteran hit a new creative streak after surrounding himself with NEW ARMY, a force to continue what was started with THE GUN, THREE MAN ARMY and BAKER-GURVITZ ARMY. And now Paul has a fresh album to share with his followers, “Train Of Love,” with a blues-based collection of pieces which see him play guitar and sing. Perhaps, a train isn’t the best vehicle to race with the devil yet it’s a sure way to get where one heart lies.

And here’s what’s on there:

PAUL GURVITZ - Train Of Love

Train Of Love

1. Train Of Love
2. Cowboy Love
3. Going Crazy
4. That Girl Is Hot
5. Let It Rain
6. Down That Road Again
7. Where Are You
8. Country Girl
9. Spins Me Round
10. Can’t Take My Truck
11. Sleepin’ Single
12. Got The Tailgate Down

July 16, 2016

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