Paul Gurvitz Writes An Autobiography

Paul Gurvitz

Paul Gurvitz

As one could tell from our old interview, Paul Gurvitz, a veteran of GUN, BAKER-GURVITZ ARMY and THREE MAN ARMY, has a lot of stories to tell. And now, the acclaimed bass player, who moved to Arizona not so long ago and works with THE NEW ARMY, finally got around to writing his life’s story.

Writes Paul, “So guess what? I am about to start my autobiography, the working title is “Next Customer, Please”. Stay tuned!”

As for PG’s music, look at some reviews:

The Knack / The Londoners The Londoners / The Knack
Gun Reloaded
Baker Gurvitz Army Baker Gurvitz Army
Baker Gurvitz Army Elysian Encounter
Baker Gurvitz Army Hearts On Fire
Baker Gurvitz Army Still Alive
The Graeme Edge Band Kick Off Your Muddy Boots
The Graeme Edge Band Paradise Ballroom

May 6, 2013

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