Paul McCartney & WINGS To Issue “One Hand Clapping” Sessions

It was doomed to be a bootleg-fodder for decades, yet finally, an audio version of the “One Hand Clapping” TV special – credited to Paul McCartney & WINGS – is set to see the light of day to mark the film’s 50th anniversary. Shot in August 1974 at Abbey Road with a prospect of creating a documentary and laying down a live studio album, it fulfilled only the former part of the band’s goal, as directed David Litchfield caught, over the course of four days, the chemistry of the ensemble’s freshly updated line-up which, alongside the McCartneys and Denny Laine, featured Jimmy McCulloch on guitar and Geoff Britton on drums. As for the standalone record, such a release never happened – until now.

One Hand Clapping

Or, to be precise, until June 14th when it’s going to be out in a few formats, including on online-exclusive bundle of 2LP and 7″ vinyl, with the contents of the latter – ex-Beatle’s previously unheard solo performances, mostly classic covers, captured off-camera on the sessions’ last day in the studios’ backyard – getting omitted from others physical versions. Also, there will be a stream-only “One Hand Clapping” Dolby Atmos mix prepared by Giles Martin and Steve Orchard. Why there’s no Blu-ray attached to the double-CD package is anyone’s guess; otherwise, having been remastered and given the original artwork and a TV-sales brochure, it looks tantalizing.

Disc 1:
1. One Hand Clapping *
2. Jet *
3. Soily *
4. C Moon / Little Woman Love *
5. Maybe I’m Amazed *
6. My Love *
7. Bluebird * **
8. Let’s Love *
9. All Of You *
10. I’ll Give You A Ring *
11. Band On The Run *
12. Live And Let Die *
13. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five *
14. Baby Face *

Disc 2:
1. Let Me Roll It **
2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
3. Power Cut
4. Love My Baby
5. Let It Be
6. The Long And Winding Road / Lady Madonna
7. Junior’s Farm
8. Sally G
9. Tomorrow
10. Go Now
11. Wild Life
12. Hi, Hi, Hi

7” disc
Side One:
1. Blackpool
2. Blackbird
3. Country Dreamer **
Side Two:
1. Twenty Flight Rock
2. Peggy Sue
3. I’m Gonna Love You Too

* previously released on the “Band On The Run Archive Collection” DVD in 2010
** previously released as bonus audio on “Archive Collection” releases

April 17, 2024

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