Paul Williams Passed Away

Paul WilliamsOne of the finest British singers, Paul Williams, has died today at the age of 78, a man whose voice graced such diverse collectives as JUICY LUCY, TEMPEST and Allan Holdsworth’s I.O.U. – although, of course, they were all connected on many levels. One of those levels was Williams’ vocals that saw him progress from blues – Paul began his road to glory in Zoot Money’s BIG ROLL BAND and John Mayall’s BLUESBREAKERS, where he also played bass – to prog rock in the company of Jon Hiseman, where he met Holdsworth, and to the latter’s fusion ensemble.

Albums like “Metal Fatigue” have long become classics, yet touring has always been an issue with Williams due to his fear of flying, but he continued to work, and last year saw Paul release “Blue Thunder 2”: a result of collaboration with David Hentschel, and there were plans for more. Sadly, the good-humored artist fell ill lately and didn’t recover. There was an interview with him planned… and he left us, soon after Hiseman and his predecessor in LUCY, Ray Owen.

Rest In Peace, Paul.

March 1, 2019

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