As it happened with a lot of legendary bands who didn’t last long in the ’60s or ’70s, there’s no video documents of PAVLOV’S DOG in action; there’s no official concert recordings either, so for years the group’s fans had to do with only one bootleg. When they returned with a new line-up but still with David Surkamp on vocals, a stage document augmented the veterans’ discography, yet it took the DOG another five years to come up with “Live – House Broken”: a 2CD/DVD set that preserves the show they played in October 2015 in Nuremberg.

Out on August 19th in Europe and October 14th in America, 132 minutes of classic songs, plus a couple from Surkamp’s solo album, one by HiFi, his ’80s project with Iain Matthews, and three previously unreleased tracks, with no overdubs, it’s bound to become a must-have item for aficionados. And yes, the singer’s still in fine voice – see the trailer below.

PAVLOV'S DOG - Live - House Broken

Live – House Broken

1. Echo & Boo
2. Late November
3. Crying Forever
4. Fast Gun
5. Lost In America
6. We All Die Alone
7. Preludin
8. Canadian Rain
9. Standing Here With You
10. Wrong
11. Gold Nuggets
12. Try To Hang On
13. One Of These Days
14. Walk Away
15. Only You
16. I Don’t Do So Good With You
17. Episode
18. Did You See Him Cry
19. Song Dance
20. Valkerie
21. Shaking Me Down
22. Angels Twilight Jump
23. Theme From Subway Sue
24. Julia

July 22, 2016

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