PENDRAGON Mark A “Masquerade” Anniversary With A DVD

It’s been two decades since PENDRAGON released their masterpiece "The Masquerade Overture", and that would be a sin not to celebrate the album’s anniversary. So that was exactly what the band did in Katowice, Poland, last May when they recorded a fantastic performance for a DVD which is scheduled for the release on April 7th in Europe and May 5th in the USA. Featuring a new version of the titular record played in its entirety, as well as pieces from the quartet’s other platters, including tracks off their latest, “Men Who Climb Mountains” from 2014,“Masquerade 20” will also be made available as a 2CD set.

The running order of “Masquerade 20” – that’s augmented with bonus materials – is:

PENDRAGON - Masquerade 20

Masquerade 20

1. The Masquerade Overture
2. As Good As Gold
3. Paintbox
4. The Pursuit Of Excellence
5. Guardian Of My Soul
6. The Shadow
7. Masters Of Illusion
8. King Of The Castle
9. Schizo
10. Beautiful Soul
11. Faces Of Light
12. Nostradamus
13. Explorers Of The Infinite
14. Come Home Jack
15. This Green And Pleasant Land
16. Breaking The Spell
17. Indigo

February 8, 2017

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