Peter Gee Scores A Theological Allegory

John Bunyan’s 1678’s classic “The Pilgrim’s Progress” has served as a basis for quite a few music albums but, perhaps, nobody’s more entitled to record its definitive sonic version than Peter Gee, a bass player with PENDRAGON, if only for the reason that both his band’s name and his new platter’s title, as well as the name of his chosen genre, contain the veteran’s initials.

Scheduled for issue on February 2nd, “Pilgrim” is, obviously, a concept opus which continues the Cristian rock vector of Peter’s previous records, such as "A Vision Of Angels" that he released a quarter of the century ago – only, lasting close to 70 minutes, it’s more expansive, letting shine the voices of Steve Thorne, Jimmy Flanders, Becky Brannigan and Hayley Oliver and featuring JADIS’ Steve Christey on drums. Progressive on many a level, it promises to be a notable work.


1. Pilgrim’s Burden
2. The City Of Destruction
3. Slough Of Despond
4. The Wicket Gate
5. The Interpreter’s House
6. Pilgrim Lays Down His Burden At The Cross
7. False Believers
8. A Restful Arbour
9. The House Beautiful
10. The Destroyer
11. Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
12. Faithful
13. Vanity Fair
14. The Plain Of Ease
15. Doubting Castle
16. The Delectable Mountains
17. Low Country Of Pride
18. Enchanted Ground
19. The River Of Death
20. The Celestial City

January 24, 2023

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