Peter Goalby Opens His Archives Again

Given he’s been retired for a few decades now, there’s no chance for a fresh Peter Goalby album, but the former TRAPEZE and URIAH HEEP frontman decided to surface recently with an array of recordings he laid down back in the ’90s, before disappearing from public view. Last November saw the release of the veteran’s unissued solo debut “Easy With The Heartaches” that found quite a favorable reception from fans and the uninitiated alike, and now the singer is ready to unleash his follow-up effort which was also left on the shelf around the same time.

Titled “I Will Come Runnin'” and set to face the audience on May 6th, the 10-track platter’s tape transfer, mastering and artwork was, just like in the case of its predecessor, personally overseen by Peter, to look like this:

I Will Come Runnin’

1. I Will Come Runnin’
2. Rock ‘N’ Roll Crazy
3. A Brand New Love
4. Dancing On Water
5. Somebody’s Fool
6. It Was There All The Time
7. Waitin’ For An Angel To Call
8. There’s Always A Place In My Heart
9. Perfect Strangers
10. A Little Piece Of Heaven

March 4, 2022

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