Peter Goalby Releases “Lost” Solo Album

Despite his impressive stage presence and a no less impressive pair of pipes, Peter Goalby has always been perceived a secondary singer in famous ensembles the vocalist served in: TRAPEZE and URIAH HEEP – although, if not for him, the former could hardly survive in the mid-’70s and the latter would hardly see a resurgence in the early ’80s. Strangely, the veteran never really thought about starting a solo career and never took any such attempt further than a few singles which preceded his aforementioned stints; still, there was a plan to issue the warbler’s self-titled album in 1990, before retiring for good. It never panned out, and aficionados had to deal only with what leaked onto bootlegs, marked as demos – but finally the wait is over.

November 5th will see the release of that “lost” platter – titled “Easy With The Heartaches” now, its tape transfer, mastering and artwork have been overseen by Peter himself. No further details are available at the moment, except for the tracklisting:

Easy With The Heartaches

1. Easy With The Heartaches
2. Hold The Dreams
3. I Found Real Love
4. Chance Of A Lifetime
5. Mona Lisa Smile
6. They’ll Never Find Us (Running For Our Lives)
7. I Used To Be Your Lover
8. Take Another Look
9. Perfection
10. I Built This House
11. The Last Time

September 18, 2021

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