Peter Hammill and Gary Lucas: otherworldly journey

It’s been on the agenda for sometime but, at last, the VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR’s stoker Peter Hammill and Grammy-nominated master guitarist Gary Lucas, whose CV includes soundtrack works and collaborations with the likes of Jeff Buckley, are ready to let out their first album together, “Other World,” scheduled for February 3rd, 2014 release on Esoteric Antenna. The two share the adventurous spirit and an urge to charge into the unknown, which they do over 14 original compositions.

Says Gary Lucas, “We admired each other’s work basically and knew intuitively it would be a killer collaboration! I met Peter on my very first trip to London in 1973 right after playing lead guitar in Leonard Bernstein’s MASS in Vienna with the Yale Symphony Orchestra. It was in a little club up at Aylesbury, and he was really friendly. Many years later we re-connected and voila!! It was a dream collaboration–so strong and psychedelic it’s gonna enchant and/or scare a lot of people.” Expect the unexpected, then!


Other World

1. Spinning Coins
2. Some Kind Of Fracas
3. Of Kith & Kin
4. Cash
5. Built From Scratch
6. Attar of Roses
7. This Is Showbiz
8. Reboot
9. Black Ice
10. The Kid
11. Glass
12. 2 Views
13. Means To An End
14. Slippery Slope

December 5, 2013

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