Peter Hammill To Bring Forth “The Naked Songs Tour” Tapes

When Peter Hammill embarked on a concert trek in 1985, his fans were in for a few surprises. For one, the veteran hadn’t released a new album since 1983’s “Patience”; more so, the former VdGG leader parted company with K GROUP and electric-ensemble assault to stand alone and strip his repertoire to sonic essentials. Hence “The Naked Songs Tour” which, on March 8th of that year found the Englishman at “Schauburg” in Bremen, performing numbers from across his solo career and his former band’s repertoire.

Thankfully, this unique show got recorded – to be issued under the title of “Been Alone So Long” on April 26th, on two CDs with the booklet containing Hammill’s own liner notes. Where else one can hear a barebone take on “My Room” from “Still Life” and its title track or “The Lie” and “Modern” from “The Silent Corner And The Empty Stage” to name but several cuts on offer? Feels like a must-have asset.

Been Alone So Long

CD 1:
1. Just Good Friends
2. My Room (Waiting For Wonderland)
3. Time Heals
4. Labour Of Love
5. Stranger Still
6. Time For A Change
7. Out Of My Book
8. Modern

CD 2:
1. The Comet, The Course, The Tail
2. Patient
3. The Future Now
4. Mr. X
5. The Lie
6. Still Life
7. Been Alone So Long

March 28, 2024

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