Peter Knight And John Spiers Reunite For A Second Album

The stalwarts of English folk-rock scene, Peter Knight and John Spiers may belong to different generations – the former coming into prominence in the early ’70s with STEELEYE SPAN, the latter hitting the stage in the late ’90s in a duo with Jon Boden – but they have a lot in common, to an extent where the two can easily adjust their styles and work together. The veterans’ initial collaboration came about in 2018, the title of the “Well Met” album proving prophetic, and now the pair reunited for a sophomore effort “Both In A Tune” which will see light of day on February 11th and feature ten tracks – from perennial to original, all given a turn and a twist by the players’ fiddle and melodeon.

Both In A Tune

All in all, it’s going to look like this:

1. Scarborough Fair
2. Yellow Haired Laddie
3. Drone in D
4. Abbot’s Bromley Horn Dance
5. La Dance De Madame Meymerie
6. Bourée De Concours
7. Le Berger De Laleuf / Signposts
8. Improv 3
9. Union
10. Battle Of The Somme

January 3, 2022

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