Petra Haden Showcases John Zorn Songs

The word “experimentation” doesn’t really cover what Petra Haden‘s oeuvre is about. Mostly known for her a cappella renditions of rock classics, such as an entirely solo vocal delivery of “The Who Sell Out” or KING CRIMSON evergreens, in the last quarter-century the singer also collaborated with guitar explorers Bill Frisell, Mark Kozelek and James Williamson, yet her forthcoming release may be the boldest of all. This time, Ms Haden will handle the songs written by the acclaimed saxophonist John Zorn, with lyrics by Jesse Harris – who already recorded an album with Petra, 2016’s “Seemed Like A Good Idea” – including one that hasn’t seen the light of day before.

It’s not a new endeavor: the artists started working on this project back in 2012, and there were live shows in 2018, but now it finally came to fruition in a studio environment as well. Titled “Songs For Petra” and featuring 13 numbers, the album will run like this:

Songs For Petra

1. Easy Time
2. Lost In The Rain
3. Nothing
4. The Wind In The Clouds
5. It Was Innocent
6. Kafiristan
7. Waiting For Christmas
8. All This Time
9. Listen
10. Taking My Time
11. My Forbidden Tears
12. I Never Thought
13. Over Your Head

August 12, 2020

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