Phil Manzanera And Andy Mackay Lock The Clock

While certain ROXY MUSIC members prefer more traditional tropes than art-rock this ensemble are known for, when it comes to collaborations between Phil Manzanera and Andy Mackay any notion of what the two may conjure up is often off the mark. From the veterans’ mid-’80s joint effort as THE EXPLORERS to a couple of albums which followed later in that decade, to 2019’s live offering “Roxymphony” and beyond, the guitarist and the reedman never let down the listener in terms of sonic delights. Nor they’re going to on the duo’s new record.


At the moment, there’s no details of “AM.PM” – that’s the platter’s title – which will be released on October 13th; there are only the sort of 8-bit cover, the tracklist and the rumor of a possible involvement of Tim Finn, Manzanera’s other co-conspirator. Also meriting a mention is the CD and vinyl reissue, on October 29th, of the “Christmas” album M&M and THE PLAYERS let out in the open in 1989. The pairing of Andy and Phil’s old and new works feels enticing.

1. Blue Skies
2. Mat 1
3. Yazz
4. EGM.
6. Ambiente
7. Newanna
9. CC
9. Ambulante
10. Seth

August 3, 2023

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