PINK FLOYD’s “Animals” Gets A Tribute

The reissue of PINK FLOYD’s “Animals” may have been stuck in the band’s inner-conflict limbo but, since the void just has to be filled, regular suspects belonging to rock elite have been roped up to record a tribute to the 1977 classic. Scheduled for release on November 19th, “Animals Reimagined” can look bound to feel disjointed, the original’s concept flow broken by the contributions from various artists – only, as the example of its predecessor "Still Wish You Were Here" proved – such an approach shouldn’t pose a problem.

Here’s what and whom it’s going to feature – of special interest being Graham Bonnet, who once sang a Badger part, doing a Dog here (read the review):

Animals Reimagined

1. Pigs On A Wing 1 –
    Nick Van Eede and Martin Barre
2. Dogs –
     Graham Bonnet, Vinnie Moore, Kasim Sulton,
     Jordan Rudess, Pat Mastelotto

3. Pigs (Three Different Ones) –
     James LaBrie, Al Di Meola, Joe Bouchard,
     Patrick Moraz, Billy Cobham

4. Sheep –
    Arthur Brown, Rick Wakeman, Jan Akkerman,
      David J., Carmine Appice

5. Pigs On A Wing 2 –
    Jon Davison, Albert Lee, Billy Sherwood

October 2, 2021

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