PIXIES’ BBC Sessions Come To Order

Once upon a time, a sold-out tour ordinarily followed the release of a new album, but though those days are gone, PIXIES, who don’t have a fresh platter out, decided to revisit, a quarter of a century down the line, their “At the BBC” collection to expand it and issue not only as a 2CD set but also as a triple vinyl package. All in all, there were six Beeb sessions that the band recorded during their 4AD tenure, between 1988 and 1991, and the old comp cherrypicked 15 tracks from the transmissions, while “Live At The BBC” – this is the title of the new one – gathers everything which was played then: 24 numbers, including the cover of THE BEACH BOYS’ “Hang On To Your Ego” (better known as “I Know There’s An Answer”).

To be out on March 8th, it will run in proper order and look like this:

Live At The BBC

John Peel Session – May 3rd, 1988:
1. Levitate Me
2. Hey
3. In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)
4. Wild Honey Pie
5. Caribou
John Peel Session – October 9th, 1988:
6. Dead
7. Tame
8. There Goes My Gun
9. Manta Ray
John Peel Session – April 16th, 1989:
10. Down To The Well
11. Into The White
12. Wave Of Mutilation
John Peel Session – June 11th, 1990:
13. Allison
14. Velouria
15. Hang On To Your Ego
16. Is She Weird
Mark Goodier Session – August 18th, 1990:
17. Monkey Gone To Heaven
18. Ana
19. Allison
20. Wave Of Mutilation
John Peel Session – June 23rd, 1991:
21. Palace Of The Brine
22. Letter To Memphis
23. Motorway To Roswell
24. Subbacultcha

January 31, 2024

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