PLUTO Are Back With A New Album

Largely ignored on arrival, PLUTO‘s sole album, out in 1971, has pride of place in many a connoisseur’s household now that that British band’s record is considered a cult classic, the original heavy prog LP fetching hefty sums if in great condition. Those who loved it didn’t dare to hope there could be a sequel – even the musicians themselves weren’t prone to such a dream – yet here it is, scheduled for April 24th release. And it’s not an archive item: “Journey’s End” features a dozen new numbers on vinyl, and seven more cuts on CD, among them two concert pieces – one familiar from that old LP. Unfortunately, half of the classic quartet has passed away, yet guitarists Alan Warner and Paul Gardner are still with us, and they enrolled a few friends to help them come up with the goods.

And this is how the new effort looks like – perfectly in line with its predecessor:

Journey’s End

1. Hound
2. Join The Queue
3. Big Black Creeper
4. Work Out A Plan
5. Man Overboard
6. Better Run
7. Natalie
8. Hope
9. Sunday Best
10. Done My Crying Now
11. Just Like A Train
12. Westward Blues #2
bonus tracks – CD only:
13. Can You Hear Me Calling
14. Blue Dog Blues
15. Down And Out (live)
16. Gotta Lotta Nerve
17. Riverboat Man
18. I’m Leaving
19. Hound (live)

March 10, 2020

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