POTTER’S DAUGHTER – Casually Containing Rage

Melodic Revolution 2020

Casually Containing Rage

Delving into matters of the heart and soul, progressive purveyors of folksy mysteries find their new bearings.

This ensemble excel in building momentum on many a level – often in an elemental manner, which is quite fitting for their fantastic fixation on natural things. Yet while the group’s previous singles, "Blood And Water" and "This Winter's Child" – both released in 2019 – seemed to be exploring both external and internal worlds, “Casually Containing Rage” focuses on human nature, to a chilling effect. That’s why, perhaps, it marks the first time the Americans laid down decided to not only unveil their new songs but to also cover a classic.

The collective’s take on “Accidentally Like A Martyr” – a number rubbing shoulders with “Werewolves Of London” on Warren Zevon’s album: an excellent choice of a deep cut! – serves as the EP’s lightweight, if passionate, piano-driven centerpiece, whereas its opener “To My Love” places Dyanne Potter Voegtlin’s processed voice in a glacial soundscape. Such an alien environment will get shattered with bass and sprinkled with delicate percussion before the hypnotic vocals splinter into a homespun choir whose polyphony is bolstered by a sparse but strong groove and whose absence is enhanced with Amit Chatterjee’s soaring six strings. Strangely, “We Could Be” simmers too slowly to convince the listener with a hopeful chorus – unlike the composition’s anthemic, cosmic ivories which feel rather persuasive, in a jazzy way.

This variety doesn’t have a lot of space to breathe on a tree-track record, yet once there’s a full-length offering for it to unfold, it make work wonders.


October 2, 2020

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