POTTER’S DAUGHTER – This Winter’s Child

Melodic Revolution 2019

This Winter’s Child

When the light is pale, it’s time to locate your innocence and drift away.

While this ensemble’s first 2019 single prospered on contrast of both subject matter and the duet between Dyanne Potter Voegtlin and the group’s guest star, the follow-up to "Blood And Water" features their enchanting approach to melody in its purest, most distilled form. Traditional Yuletide melancholy can hardly contain more quiet drama than this season-oriented piece whose molten monochrome is quite deceptive, though, because the tender, yet relentless, ripple of Dyanne Potter Voegtlin’s piano ripple is pregnant with color. Still, tension created by such an ethereal expectancy will fall short of oozing extasy – specially so.

Yes, the result seems suitably bleak, but Dyanne’s crystalline vocals melt like icicles in the listener’s soul to gradually flood the aural space with festive feelings, whereas her husband Ian’s guitars add shards of warmth into this witch’s brew, with Amit Chatterjee’s sensual percussion spicing it up to accentuate the song’s delicate development. Stopping one step away from orchestral opulence, the band pulled the cloak of pre-dawn wonder over their acoustic shimmer and, thus, shaped a stupendous opus – arguably, the pinnacle of the collective’s career to date.


December 16, 2019

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