PRETENDERS Invite Friends For A Concert Record

Four live records in four decades don’t seem like a lot, but THE PRETENDERS never pretended they were able to perfectly capture their concert experience – yet their fourth on-stage offering is close to it. More so the “The Pretenders With Friends” – out today – goes beyond the regular performance in front of the audience by having stellar colleagues join Chrissy Hynde and her boys in a New Jersey theater and deliver many a hit. Iggy Pop, Shirley Manson of GARBAGE fame, KINGS OF LEON and INCUBUS can’t be predictable in such company, so there’s much to enjoy on this document, especially given it’s a package comprising not only CD but also DVD and Blu-ray with stereo and surround sound options.

Laid down for the “Decades Rock Live” live series, the entire programme runs in the following fashion:

With Friends

1. The Wait
2. The Losing
3. Back In The Chain – with Shirley Manson
4. Talk Of The Town – with Shirley Manson
5. Only Happy When It Rains
6. Day After Day
7. The Bucket – with KINGS OF LEON
8. Up The Neck – with KINGS OF LEON
9. Drive – with INCUBUS
10. Message Of Love – with INCUBUS
11. Precious
12. Fools Must Die – with Iggy Pop
13. Candy – with Iggy Pop
14. Mystery Achievement
15. Brass In Pocket
16. Middle Of The Road – with Iggy Pop, Shirley Manson, KINGS OF LEON and INCUBUS

July 11, 2019

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