PRETENDERS’ James Walbourne Presents New Project

Mostly known for playing guitars in PRETENDERS for the last 14 years, James Walbourne has always been busy with different endeavors outside of his main ensemble. Except for working with artists, like Jerry Lee Lewis and Dave Gahan, there were ROYAL GUN, formed with his brother, and THE RAILS, founded with his wife Kami Thompson, the daughter of Richard and Linda. And now the 42-year-old is ready to release the debut EP by his newest project, HIS LORDSHIP – a partnership with another Chrissie Hynde associate, drummer Kristoffer Sonne.

All Cranked Up

Titled “All Cranked Up” and scheduled for July 1st release, the 6-piece mini-album, preceded by its title track (watch the video below), sounds suitably energetic, so the fans’ excitement is easy to understand, and hopefully, the duo’s tour won’t be limited to the U.K. Now that HIS LORDSHIP have already graced the stage, there should not be stopping them. As for the EP, it looks like this:

1. All Cranked Up
2. In The City
3. The Repenter
4. I’m So Bored Of Being Bored
5. I Am In Amsterdam
6. Swinging Brick

May 24, 2022

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