PROCOL HARUM Issue An Album After Sabbatical

Living up to one’s legacy is an unenviable task; that’s why, perhaps, it took PROCOL HARUM 14 years to follow “This Well’s On Fire” with a new record, although the band have retained a live presence throughout this period. “Novum” is set to arrive on April 21st, and it marks a significant change in the veterans’ creative approach: it would be the group’s first album ever to not feature Keith Reid as a lyricist. Due to some discord between the poet and Gary Brooker, a wordsmith now is none other than Pete Brown, a beatnik most famous for his collaboration with Jack Bruce, in CREAM and beyond. Beyond the pale, “Novum” looks like an interesting suite of songs.



These songs are:

1. I Told On You
2. Last Chance Motel
3. Image Of The Beast
4. Soldier
5. Don’t Get Caught
6. Neighbour
7. Sunday Morning
8. Businessman
9. Can’t Say That
10. The Only One
11. Somewhen

February 1, 2017

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