Rolling for a dozen years now, Billy Sherwood-steered PROG COLLECTIVE – a vehicle for the producer’s music delivered in the company of stellar soloists – seem to settle on solid track now, with 2022’s covers album "Songs We Were Taught" succeeded in 2023 by “Seeking Peace” which somehow fell through the cracks of the genre aficionados’ consciousness, and March 15th, 2024 being a release date for those platters’ follow-up.

Titled “Dark Encounters” and featuring the usual suspects, this offering doesn’t list any prominent vocalist, so it might be a fully instrumental record – or its pieces are sung by Sherwood. Time will tell. (Read the review.)

Dark Encounters

1. Darkest Hour – feat. Steve Stevens
2. Ominous Signs – feat. Steve Morse
3. At The Gates – feat. David Cross
4. Dark Days –
      feat. Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Patrick Moraz & Omar Hakim
5. Lonely Landscape – feat. Kasim Sulton
6. The Long Night – feat. Frank Dimino & Marco Minnemann
7. The Quasi Effect – feat. Billy Sherwood
8. The 11th Hour – feat. John Etheridge
9. Between Two Worlds – feat. Steve Hillage & Gregg Bissonette
10. Distant Thunder – feat. Todd Sucherman
11. Dark Money – feat. Joe Bouchard
12. For All To See – feat. Pat Mastelotto
13. Beyond Reason – feat. Chad Wakerman
bonus tracks:
14. I Saw The Light – feat. Todd Rundgren & Rick Wakeman
15. I’m Not In Love (instrumental) – feat. Rick Wakeman & NEKTAR

January 2, 2024

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