PSYCHEDELIC WARLORDS Revitalize Classic Albums

There’s no rest for the HAWKWIND’s family, yet Alan Davey seems to be its most active member – what with his recently mentioned (yet not available for reviews) offering with BEDOUIN and the HAWKESTREL project. The bassist has one more endeavor to his name: PSYCHEDELIC WARLORDS – who are about to release two concert records featuring on-stage renditions of a couple classic LPs from. Laid down in London five years ago, one of those brings to life the mother band’s “Hall Of The Mountain Grill” and the other Robert Calvert’s concept album.

Both can be accessed right now from Alan’s Bandcamp page and both will be issued in physical form, as double colored vinyl sets, on September 30th, although it looks like only the latter should also see the light of day on CD.

Here are the tracklist of Davey’s newest releases – perhaps, not essential but extremely alluring.

Hall Of The Mountain Grill Live

“Hall Of The Mountain Grill Live” (read the review)

1. The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
2. Wind Of Change
3. D-Rider
4. Web Weaver
5. You’d Better Believe It
6. Hall Of The Mountain Grill
7. Lost Johnny
8. Paradox
9. It’s So Easy
10. Motörhead


Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters Live!

“Captain Lockheed & The Starfighters Live!”

1. Franz Josef Strauss, Defense Minister, Reviews The Luftwaffe In 1958 Finding It Somewhat Lacking In Image Potential
2. The Aerospaceage Inferno
3. Aircraft Salesmen (A Door In The Foot)
4. The Widow Maker
5. Two Test Pilots Discuss
6. The Right Stuff
7. The Song Of The Gremlin (Part 1)
8. Hero With A Wing
9. Ground Control To Pilot
10. Ejection
11. I Resign
12. The Song Of The Gremlin (Part 2)
13. Bier Garten
14. Catch A Falling Starfighter

July 21, 2019

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