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Late Spring and early summer of 1970 QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE spent in Hawaii, the islands’ mellow climate facilitating the balance shift in the wake of Dino Valenti return into the fold. Those sessions produced two albums, “Just For Love” and “What About Me” – released, correspondingly, in August and December of that year – but the band also played there to not let their blood run still. Available before as a bootleg, now the ensemble’s June concert gets a legitimate release.

This set is significantly different to the March, 1970, show at "The Old Mill Tavern", with more of the new songs making it into the repertoire which included only one early piece, “Pride Of Man” from the group’s debut, as well as “Mojo” that would wait for another two years to be notched in the studio, and “Warm Red Wine” that seems not to have been recorded properly at all.

More of the then-new stuff is collected on the second disc of “Hawaii 1970” – as this live album is called – to be available only with the first 1,000 copies of it.


Hawaii 1970

Live 13-06-1970 – Red Vest Oahu, Hawaii
1. Fresh Air
2. Warm Red Wine
3. Subway
4. Pride Of Man
5. Baby Baby
6. The Hat
7. Freeway Flyer
8. Mojo

CD2 – limited edition – rehearsal recordings:
1. Tuning
2. Cobra
3. Chat
4. Cobra
5. Guitar Jam
6. Won’t Kill Me
7. Drums
8. Cobra (acoustic)
9. Won’t Kill Me
10. Just For Love

November 6, 2013

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