Rat Scabies To Release A Solo Debut

For all his adventures with and without THE DAMNED, Rat Scabies has never really ventured to other pastures under his own name. There were two singles – a 1980 take on Dylan’s “This Wheel’s On Fire” credited to THE RAT AND THE WHALE, and “Let There Be Rats” which Scabies released four years later – but no albums. Until now – or, to be precise, until May 18th, when “P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt)” will see the light of day. Lid down over the course of a few years and familiar to those who followed the veteran’s website where most of this material appeared in demo form, the record is to be made available on CD and colored vinyl to please any punk, and not only punk, aficionado.

The album is comprised of all original tracks and Rat’s cover of Louis Prima’s “Sing Sing Sing” (read the review):

RAT SCABIES - P.H.D. (Prison, Hospital, Debt)

(Prison, Hospital, Debt)

1. Chew On You
2. My Wrists Hurt
3. Sing Sing Sing
4. Rat’s Opus
5. Floating
6. Shivers
7. Dazy Bones
8. Benni’s Song
9. Un Noveau Balai (A New Broom)
10. Floydian Slip
11. Glad You Could Make It
12. It Feels Like Sunday

April 13, 2018

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