Reborn PINK FAIRIES Release New Album

Those who paid close attention to the roster of the "Halloween Garage Blues" compilation from 2017 might have been surprised to discover that PINK FAIRIES‘ previously unheard cut “Lone Wolf” didn’t sound like the band’s latest album, "Naked Radio" which was released a bit earlier. It turned out, there are two versions of the legendary underground dwellers at the moment: an ensemble led for a few years now by Mick Farren’s associate Andy Colquhoun and a band recently revitalized by its co-founder Paul Rudolph. The aforementioned song came from the later faction and is featured on their new record.

Scheduled for release on August 24th on CD and pink vinyl, “Resident Reptiles” is a result of the veteran guitarist’s collaboration with former HAWKWIND bassist Alan Davey and the first drummer with MOTÖRHEAD, Lucas Fox, with additional writing input by another erstwhile Fairy, Larry Wallis.

PINK FAIRIES - Resident Reptiles

Resident Reptiles

In its entirety, the forthcoming LP, a follow-up to 1997’s “No Picture” that boasted Rudolph and Twink on its tracks, looks like this:

1. Resident Reptile
2. Old Enuff To Know Better
3. Your Cover Is Blown
4. Mirage
5. Lone Wolf
6. Whipping Boy
7. Monkey Chatter
8. Apologize

July 4, 2018

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