REGINA LUND – Haters Will Hate

Regina 2017

REGINA LUND - Haters Will Hate

Haters Will Hate

Former Ofelia can’t be fazed looking in the face of life.

Marking the 20th anniversary of her debut as a recording artist, one of the finest Swedish actresses releases a song that’s romantic and defiant at the same time. Lund’s first single since she went cancer-free, “Haters Will Hate” – co-penned by a score composer Jimmy Lagnefors – is Regina’s translucent reply to the naysayers who don’t have pity for fragile souls, but her approach to the subject couldn’t be further from anger.

There’s folk sensuality to the piece whose acoustic strum is fleshed out with a psychedelic shimmer to lull the singer’s soft vocals that splinter into hymnal choir and spread the rays of hope all around. This might be a simple tune, yet that’s why the cut hits so hard, evaporating pain and revealing determination for survival and joy. Therapeutic and beautiful.


April 4, 2017

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