RENAISSANCE bootlegs turn legit

renlogoDuring their first run, RENAISSANCE released only one concert album, 1976’s “Live at Carnegie Hall,” and though some more have been out since the late ’90s, none of those documented the band’s earlier period. This niche couldn’t stay unfilled, so collectors’ interest to bootleg recordings thrived. But now two of the most popular tapes of the kind are given an official release. First, coming from London, is “DeLane Lea Studios 1973”: scheduled for February 3rd, it features, alongside the ensemble, two guests, pre-“Year Of The Cat” Al Stewart and WISHBONE ASH’s Andy Powell, who also played on a studio version of “Ashes Are Burning.” The second, “Academy of Music 1974,” that will hit the shelves on March 31st, was laid down in New York on May 17th of the titular year. Unique documents, and the quality is rather good. (Read Powell’s comment on the session.)

RENAISSANCE - DeLane Lea Studios 1973

DeLane Lea Studios 1973

The albums look like this…

DeLane Lea Studios 1973
(read the review)

1. Can You Understand
2. Let It Grow
3. Sounds Of The Sea
4. Carpet Of The Sun
5. At The Harbour
6. Ashes Are Burning
7. Prologue

Academy of Music 1974
(read the review)

RENAISSANCE - Academy of Music 1974

Academy of Music 1974

CD 1:

1. Can You Understand
2. Black Flame
3. Carpet Of The Sun
4. Cold Is Being
5. Things I Don’t Understand
6. Running Hard

CD 2:
1. Ashes Are Burning
2. Mother Russia
3. Prologue

January 28, 2015

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