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RENAISSANCE reissue programme on Esoteric has yet to reach its conclusion with the release of the last two albums the band put out in their original lifespan, 1981’s “Camera Camera” and “Time-Line” from 1983, yet there’s always something that hasn’t been made officially available and that’s begging to delight fans – which is why the box set titled “Can You Hear Me? – Broadcasts 1974-1978” should bring joy to some connoisseurs and disappoint others.

Planned for August 30th, this 2CD/Blu-ray package contains, in its audio part, the collective’s concert from October 1978 that’s never seen the light of day, and BBC “Sight & Sound” show from 1977 – also freshly remastered – the latter sourced from a recently discovered in the archives stereo radio version, which must render it superior to the Repertoire Records edition of 2016. Whether its transfer to Blu-ray will enhance video quality is a moot point, though, while the addition of two 1974 pieces from Swiss TV (presumably not the songs aired on Studio Luxemburg, as there were three cuts, including “Prologue”) and “Northern Lights” from “Top of the Pops” possesses certain allure.

Can You Hear Me? –
Broadcasts 1974-1978

CD 1 – BBC Radio 1 “Sight & Sound In Concert” –
Hippodrome, Golders Green, London – January 8th, 1977:
1. Introduction
2. Carpet Of The Sun
3. Mother Russia
4. Can You Hear Me?
5. Ocean Gypsy
6. Running Hard
7. Touching Once (Is So Hard To Keep)
8. Prologue

CD 2 – BBC Radio 1 “In Concert” –
Paris Theatre, London – October 4th, 1978:
1. Can You Hear Me
2. Carpet Of The Sun
3. Day Of The Dreamer
4. Back Home Once Again
5. Can You Understand
6. The Vultures Fly High
7. A Song For All Seasons
8. Prologue

“Kal√©idospop” – Swiss Television – March 30th, 1974:
1. Can You Understand
2. Ashes Are Burning
“Sight & Sound In Concert” – Hippodrome, Golders Green, London – January 8th, 1977:
3-10 – as 1-8 on CD 1
BBC TV “Top of the Pops” – July 13th, 1978:
11. Northern Lights

May 25, 2024

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