RENAISSANCE Document Annie Haslam’s Anniversary

Even though this chanteuse’s voice defies her age, last year saw Annie Haslam celebrate her 75th anniversary – on stage and in style, fronting RENAISSANCE at the Keswick Theatre, in Glenside, Pennsylvania. On October 21st, 2022 the ensemble, whose last studio album “Grandine il vento” was released a decade ago, in 2013, and who have been issuing only live recordings since, played a very special show – preserved for posterity and available now as a double CD.

Titled “The Legacy Tour 2022” and following up on "50th Anniversary - Ashes Are Burning" from 2021, this concert document consists not only of the band’s classics, including “The Sisters” that they perform quite seldom, but also numbers from Ms. Haslam’s solo oeuvre, such as “Celestine” and “Ananda” which the warbler rarely takes to the audience. Available from the veterans’ website, it’s another essential item for their fans. Read the review.

The Legacy Tour 2022

1. Carpet Of The Sun
2. Black Flame
3. The Sisters
4. Ananda
5. The Captive Heart
6. Symphony Of Light
7. Blessing In Disguise
8. Celestine
9. Reaching Out
10. The Angels Cry
11. Day Of The Dreamer
12. Running Hard

August 16, 2023

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