RENAISSANCE Reissue “Azure d’Or” With New Mixes And Archival Film

Released into the open in 1979, “Azure d’Or” could have become most successful RENAISSANCE record in commercial terms; instead, this album’s failure resulted in the disintegration of the ensemble’s classic line-up. That platter predecessor, "A Song For All Seasons" from the previous year, seemed to have spearheaded a winning formula for the quintet when that LP rose in the charts following the similar action of the “Northern Lights” single, yet discarding orchestral passages and simplifying songs – even as infectious as “Forever Changing” and “Jekyll And Hyde” – proved not to be to the band’s fans’ liking. Soon after the LP had seen the light of day, keyboard maestro John Tout and drummer Terry Sullivan quit, leaving the trio of guitarist Michael Dunford, singer Annie Haslam and bassist Jon Camp to wrap up the group’s halcyon lifespan after two more longplays and making their last statement of the ’70s grow in status and scope until now, when it’s slated for reissue in expanded form on November 25th.

The forthcoming package will comprise three discs – two CD and a DVD – featuring the remastered album and and its companion single sides, new mixes by Stephen W Tayler – stereo and surround sound – including a smattering of interesting bonuses, and a promo film which surfaced before in inferior quality. Another entry in the RENAISSANCE reissue series, “Azure d’Or” looks glorious.

Azure d’Or

CD 1 – “Azure d’Or” – Remastered:
1. Jekyll And Hyde
2. The Winter Tree
3. Only Angels Have Wings
4. Golden Key
5. Forever Changing
6. Secret Mission
7. Kalynda (A Magical Isle)
8. The Discovery
9. Friends
10. The Flood At Lyons
bonus tracks:
11 Island of Avalon (B-side)
12 Jekyll And Hyde (single version – previously unreleased on CD)

CD 2 – “Azure d’Or” – New Stereo Mixes:
1-10 – as on CD 1
bonus tracks:
11. Island Of Avalon
12. Friends (extended version)
13. Jekyll and Hyde (single version)
14. Kalynda (A Magical Isle) (early version)
15. Forever Changing (acoustic demo)

1-13 – as on CD 2 – in:
* New 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
* New Stereo Mix / Original Stereo Mix (96 Khz / 24-Bit)
Visual content:
The Mill House & Bray Studios Promotional Film 1979
1. Jekyll And Hyde
2. Forever Changing
3. The Winter Tree
4. Carpet Of The Sun
5. Secret Mission

September 3, 2022

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