Rhoda Dakar Runs For Covers On Singles-Dominated Album

A prominent two-tone scenester, Rhoda Dakar is most famous for fronting THE BODYSNATCHERS, backing THE SPECIALS, fronting THE SPECIAL AKA and being a prominent feminist figure on the English ska and new wave landscape of the ’80s, yet the singer’s solo career has always been overshadowed by her glorious past. But the veteran’s forthcoming album, appearing eight years after “Rhoda Dakar Sings The Bodysnatchers” – where she performed familiar tunes – may change fans’ perception of this artist.

Just as tellingly titled, “Version Girl” which will be out in various formats May 26th, fleshes out the string of singles Rhoda has been releasing since April of 2021 – all featuring alluring artwork and available as downloads and vinyl discs on the lady’s Bandcamp page – with new takes on popular numbers, including ones from Tim Buckley and PRETENDERS, given Dakar’s trademark ska slant, their first-ever Caribbean-flavored overhaul. It’s worth mentioning that her first-ever record was a cover of “Let’s Do Rock Steady” by Dandy Livingstone whose “Version Girl” makes a part of Rhoda’s platter’s intro and, thus, lends it its title.

Version Girl

1. Version Girl
2. Stop Your Sobbing
3. Everyday Is Like Sunday
4. What A Wonderful World
5. Hangin’ ‘Round
6. Song To The Siren
7. Walking After Midnight
8. The Man Who Sold The World
9. Comme Un Arbre
10. As Tears Go By
11. Love Hurts
12. Peace, Love And Understanding

March 19, 2023

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