Richard Barbieri Balances Macrocosm And Microcosm

Next year is going to be a special one for Richard Barbieri: the keyboard player with JAPAN and PORCUPINE TREE will not only turn 60 in 2017 but he’ll also release, on March 3rd, his third solo album. “Planets + Persona” should become a logical continuation of 2005’s “Things Buried” and 2008’s “Stranger Inside” by expanding the veteran’s extrovert leanings into, as the record’s title suggests, outer space. The duality notwithstanding, it’s a solid work that is to be made available as a CD, 2LP and digital download.

The tracklist of the album looks like this (read the review– and the video below gives a good taste of what they sound like (note Percy Jones’ bass work on it):

RICHARD BARBIERI - Planets + Persona

Planets + Persona

1. Solar Sea
2. New Found Land
3. Night Of The Hunter
4. Interstellar Medium
5. Unholy
6. Shafts Of Light
7. Solar Storm

December 17, 2016

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