Richard Thompson: Land Ahoy!

It’s a rare occurrence that an album’s cover artwork is revealed as part of an artist’s tour advertisement before the record’s release has been officially announced, yet this is what happened with Richard Thompson‘s “Ship To Shore” a couple of months ago, while the platter itself is about to arrive on May 31st. A successor to 2018’s “13 Rivers” which also dealt with waterways, the dozen cuts of the folk-rock legend’s fresh solo endeavor features the usual suspects in his touring band and his wife Zara Phillips on backing vocals, which warrants familial warmth applied to RT’s new musical adventures.

Judging by the album’s lead-in single “Singapore Sadie” (watch video below), the veteran’s forthcoming offering is rather humorous, too, and it feels stronger than his last couple of records.

Ship To Shore

1. Freeze
2. The Fear Never Leaves You
3. Singapore Sadie
4. Trust
5. The Day That I Give In
6. The Old Pack Mule
7. Turnstile Casanova
8. Lost In A Crowd
9. Maybe
10. Life’s A Bloody Show
11. What’s Left To Lose
12. We Roll


March 1, 2024

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