Richard Thompson Unplugs In Hawaii

He’s a marvelous electric guitarist whose expertise goes far beyond folk-rock that he’s always been associated with, but it’s with an acoustic instrument that Richard Thompson was pictured on his 1972 solo debut “Henry The Human Fly” which still, five decades on, is a gripping record, and there are platters like "Acoustic Classics" in the English veteran’s catalogue. However, when Thompson took such pieces on the road, he usually performed them solo, so the “Live From Honolulu” album should feel a little surprising, especially given there are no details of the players accompanying Richard on this release or the date when the concert took place.

Scheduled for a physical issue on August 26th but already available in a pure digital form on the artist’s Bandcamp page, the set credited to THE RICHARD THOMPSON ACOUSTIC TRIO features a fine selection of his cuts, including one the great songwriter originally laid down with his then-wife Linda, although not a single number from a certain ensemble he shot for fame with. Alluring.

Live From Honolulu

1. Mingus Eyes
2. Ghosts In The Wind
3. Crawl Back (Under My Stone)
4. Dad’s Gonna To Kill Me
5. Hots For The Smarts
6. Bathsheba Smiles
7. Al Bowlly’s In Heaven
8. Johnny’s Far Away
9. Waltzing’s For Dreamer
10. (I Want To See) The Bright Lights Tonight
11. Misunderstood
12. Shoot Out The Lights
13. One Door Opens

August 15, 2022

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