Rick Alvis Ropes Rick Derringer In For A Few Songs

Floridian musician Rick Alvis may not be a household name yet he deserves to become such – he’s freshly released on all the platforms single “To Heaven And Back” suggesting as much, and not only because it features a kindred spirit, Rick Derringer, but because this is a fine piece of bluesy balladry. More so, it’s fully fledged collaboration between the two artists, with two more of their joint efforts – “Girl Can You Tell Me” and “Make Those Dreams Come True” – set to arrive n in the next few weeks.

To Heaven And Back

The the cover art of the single, on which the former Rick takes a lead voice and plays guitar while the latter plays lead guitar and sing, is a photo of the instrument that Derringer used for the recordings, a Warrior model he traded a car for. As for the background of the song written by Rick and Mia Alvis, it goes like this.

“We met Rick Derriner about five years ago at an event he was doing in Sarasota, Florida, and became fast friends with him and his wife Jenda,” says Rick Alvis. “We invited them on a vacation to Weeki Wachi to take them scalloping, something they’d never done. As musicians do, in the evenings we played acoustic guitars together, trading songs, and when he heard ‘To Heaven And Back,’ he said he liked it immediately. The rest is history.”

So here’s a fine project to follow.

August 18, 2023

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