Rick Wakeman Issues The “She” Cache

“She” wasn’t the worst fantasy film of all time but it edged close to this title, prompting Neil Gaiman to note, back in 1994, that the movie was “just bad enough to be very funny for those willing to ignore the fact that the plot, the acting and the direction are of ‘Plan Nine From Outer Space standard. A must for anyone who likes throwing popcorn at the screen” – which must have been enough for Rick Wakeman to want to accompany Sandahl Bergman’s on-screen shenanigans with his music. Not that the soundtrack has been ever released – but it will be, on September 15th.

Sadly, it won’t be issued in full, which means the pieces composed by THE MOODY BLUES’ Justin Hayward and MOTĂ–RHEAD’s Phil Campbell doesn’t seem to have found their way onto the disc, unlike those by the YES man, including not only numbers used in the film but also the “work-in-progress” versions that should more than satisfy his fans – especially given this Wakeman’s project is hardly ever mentioned.

Music From The Original Film Soundtrack

1. Untitled Theme
2. She Chant
3. Torture
4. Sit Up And Do You Know The Way
5. Show Of World To She Choosing Man
6. She Arriving For Bundle
7. Bundle In The Warehouse #1
8. Bundle In The Warehouse #2
9. Bundle In The Warehouse #3
10. She Scene
11. Into Sunset
12. Eternal Woman (End Credits)
13. Off To Nork Mountain And Pool
14. Off To Nork Mountain
15. Bundle With Werewolves
16. Off To Nork Mountains
17. Godan
18. Sets Girl Free
19. Axe In Stomach
20. Moody Forest
21. Ballet Dancer
22. From Smoke
23. First Bridge Scene
24. Leaving Banquet
25. Battle Bells
26. Preparing For Battle
27. Untitled #1
28. Rescue
29. Vocals
30. Wild Guitar #1
31. Wild Guitar #2
32. Wild Guitar #3
33. Motorhead #1
34. Untitled #2
35. Wild Creepy Strings #1
36. Wild Creepy Strings #2
37. Wild Choir Version #1
38. Wild Choir Version #2
39. Flashing Eyes #1
40. Flashing Eyes #2
41. Flashing Eyes #3
42. Flashing Eyes #4
43. Flashing Eyes #5
44. Flashing Eyes #6
45. Bubble Song
46. Wild Mandolins #1
47. Wild Mandolins #2
48. Wild Mandolins #3
49. Wild Mandolins #4
50. Wild Mandolins #5
51. Wild Bell Tree

September 11, 2023

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